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How it all started...

LSR Storage Ltd began originally as a transport and furniture storage partnership back in 1999. That partnership split and the storage side of the company developed into the document storage / archiving / destruction company we have today.

LSR started small and the document storage part came from a gap in the market for solicitors to have a secure document storage, archiving and document destruction facility. (Lisa Lindfield, who started the LSR Storage company had a legal secretarial background, and it was she who spotted a possible niche market).

Lisa knew she could provide the professional service required and her knowledge of the legal profession enabled her new services to dovetail in with the legal systems perfectly.

From then on, the client-case grew until LSR Storage Ltd developed into the company it is today; professional but with that personal touch that keeps the wheels turning.

The document destruction service was added on later but it compliments the other services offered by LSR Storage Ltd, providing a range of complete, all round professional services which satisfies all of itís customers requirements.



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